Challenge 8

10 places I want to visit are:

1. Paris. I wont to go to Paris because of the things to see like the Eiffel Tower and because people say it is very romantic. I would wont to go for a honeymoon

2.Mexico. I wont to go because in grade 5 we had to do a presentation about an ancient civilization and I choose to do Maya so I would love to go. Also because of the great weather.

3. Greece. Greece would be nice because my parents went on an anniversary cruise to the Mediterranean without me ūüôĀ and they said it was really¬†beautiful.

4.Philippines. I have a friend Julia (Julia’s blog)¬†from the Philippines and she said it was really nice. I would want to go with her so she could show me all the things from her childhood.

5. Ireland. I also have a friend Kristen who is from Ireland and she went during March break and said it was really nice.

6. China. I wont to see the cool buildings and the great wall of china and eat with chopsticks. My dad went said a lot of the views were amazing.

7. Egypt. I wont to see the pyramids and all the hieroglyphics. My dad has gone also and said it¬†put him in auh from¬†the look of the pyramid’s.

8. Arizonian. I wont to see the Grand Canyon. We might have gone when my family went to Las Vegas during the March break but we didn’t have enough time.

9. Brazil. I wont to see the Amazon rainforest and see the Cristo Redentor which is the Jesus statue in Rio.

10.Antarctic. I would like to see the glaciers (which I’m learning about in science) and to see penguins.


In a comment name some places you want to visit.

Challenge 8

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One thought on “Challenge 8

  1. G’day Morgan,
    I have been to six of those places you would like to visit.

    But challenge 8 required 10 different favourite things not 10 of the same things.

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