Challenge 4

My passion is volleyball I have made a post about what skills are needed in volleyball in the last season of challenges on September17,2012 so you can look at that. So for challenge 3 I am making a story to a picture like my other post Challenge 9- survival wrote on November 15, 2012 you can read that too.

This March Break my family and I went to Las Vegas so that is how I got my idea for this picture. Write a comment about what you did for March Break.

This storry starts off with a criminal in Las Vegas who just stole from the bank. The police are after him so he goes and hids in the casino because there are hundreds of people there. The police are right behind him so he hids in the game betting section ducked in a chair. The police dont see him so they keep running. He noticed that they passed and runs to the pocker station. Hen starts playing and the police walks right by him again. Just before he ran awway he finished his hand and had won ten thousand dollars. Then he saw the police comming his way so he runs to the slots, they see him running and tell him “STOP, STOP.” But he keeps running and hids in front of the penny slots and pulls once and wins $300 but the poilce saw all teh people congradulating him on his win so they walk over but the guy slips away before they see him. So the has spent his whole night running away and now most people have lft and the resturants are closed so he cant hid in them . Just as he was turning the corner he saw the police and runs the other way but the police see him and strts chasing him. Then he ran out of the casino and …

( in a comment right me your own ending)

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 Challenge 4

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  1. Hi Morgan,
    i’m Brandi and i’m a student in California.I found your blog at the Edublog Challenge.I see that you like Volleyball.I like to play volleyball I like playing with my family.We play every time after school.

    I like that you shared your passion with us.What position do you like to play?

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