Challenge 2

Canada does have something like Clean Up Australia Day it is called Earth Day and it is on April 22nd. I do participate in it every year because my school splits up the yard and every class gets gloves and garbage bags and cleans up the yard.

Some Facts about Earth Day are:

 Earth Day Networks estimates that 500 million people from 4,500 organizations in 180 countries will participate in Earth Day events during the month of April

Nelson announced the Earth Day concept at a conference in Seattle in the fall of 1969 and invited the entire nation to get involved

As part of the celebration, some communities make Earth Day a “Car-Free Day (Not mine)

Earth Day is big with schools. On many school calendars, it is the third most activity-inspiring holiday, after Christmas and Halloween

The population of the world will grow by 211,000 people. The entire population of 3 Akron, Ohio’s will be added every day

800 million people will go to bed hungry and awake too weak to lead productive lives

I care about the environment a lot. I recycle a lot just ask my friends Natalie (Natalie’s blog) and Julia (Julia’s blog.)

Since I go to a Catholic school we do a charitable job during lent (if you don’t know what lent is click here.) Two years ago my school raised money to build a house in Rwanda. This year we are raising money to build wells in developing countries. We found a charity where one well costs $600 and we have $1800 which is 2 wells and a bit. I am so happy for the progress of my school and I love participating in Earth Day. I encourage you too to take part and help clean your community.


Challenge 2

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