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I wanted to make a post about something so I am making a post about things that I like and you could too.

Book: In A Heartbeat by: Loretta Ellsworth

Movie: Pitch Perfect (it is rated pg13 and does have some inappropriate words)

Song: Wings By: Little mix

Show: Glee

Electric appliance: IPhone 5/ IPod 5

Word: Peepellows and legit

Store: Aeropostale






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Challenge 4

My passion is volleyball I have made a post about what skills are needed in volleyball in the last season of challenges on September17,2012 so you can look at that. So for challenge 3 I am making a story to a picture like my other post Challenge 9- survival wrote on November 15, 2012 you can read that too.

This March Break my family and I went to Las Vegas so that is how I got my idea for this picture. Write a comment about what you did for March Break.

This storry starts off with a criminal in Las Vegas who just stole from the bank. The police are after him so he goes and hids in the casino because there are hundreds of people there. The police are right behind him so he hids in the game betting section ducked in a chair. The police dont see him so they keep running. He noticed that they passed and runs to the pocker station. Hen starts playing and the police walks right by him again. Just before he ran awway he finished his hand and had won ten thousand dollars. Then he saw the police comming his way so he runs to the slots, they see him running and tell him “STOP, STOP.” But he keeps running and hids in front of the penny slots and pulls once and wins $300 but the poilce saw all teh people congradulating him on his win so they walk over but the guy slips away before they see him. So the has spent his whole night running away and now most people have lft and the resturants are closed so he cant hid in them . Just as he was turning the corner he saw the police and runs the other way but the police see him and strts chasing him. Then he ran out of the casino and …

( in a comment right me your own ending)

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 Challenge 4

Challenge 2

Canada does have something like Clean Up Australia Day it is called Earth Day and it is on April 22nd. I do participate in it every year because my school splits up the yard and every class gets gloves and garbage bags and cleans up the yard.

Some Facts about Earth Day are:

 Earth Day Networks estimates that 500 million people from 4,500 organizations in 180 countries will participate in Earth Day events during the month of April

Nelson announced the Earth Day concept at a conference in Seattle in the fall of 1969 and invited the entire nation to get involved

As part of the celebration, some communities make Earth Day a “Car-Free Day (Not mine)

Earth Day is big with schools. On many school calendars, it is the third most activity-inspiring holiday, after Christmas and Halloween

The population of the world will grow by 211,000 people. The entire population of 3 Akron, Ohio’s will be added every day

800 million people will go to bed hungry and awake too weak to lead productive lives

I care about the environment a lot. I recycle a lot just ask my friends Natalie (Natalie’s blog) and Julia (Julia’s blog.)

Since I go to a Catholic school we do a charitable job during lent (if you don’t know what lent is click here.) Two years ago my school raised money to build a house in Rwanda. This year we are raising money to build wells in developing countries. We found a charity where one well costs $600 and we have $1800 which is 2 wells and a bit. I am so happy for the progress of my school and I love participating in Earth Day. I encourage you too to take part and help clean your community.


Challenge 2

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Challenge One

Sorry this post took so long I couldn’t think of anyone so had to do some research.

The ten people I would like to talk to alive or dead would be:

 1. Helen Keller

I would like to talk to her because i would like to see how she could communicate without being able to see or hear. Also I want to see how she would get around and see how she accomplished things such as getting dressed or eating.

How do you communicate?

2. Rob Pattinson

I want to talk to him because I thought he was really good in the Twilight movies ( I Love them so much) and I want to know whats its like to be a vampire on film. Also what its like to be a celebrity and to talk to Kristen Stewart.

Why did you want to do the Twilight movies?

3. Anna Kendrick
She was in Pitch Perfect and I love that movie I have watched it 8 times. I want to talk to her because she is famous and she is really funny.
Are you anything like your character Beca?
4.Amelia Earhart
I would ask her how her plane went down. Also how was it like to have everyone tell you, you cant do something and then you go and do it.
What would you have done if your plane hadn’t crashed?
5. Oprah Winfrey
I would talk to Oprah because how it is to have had a horrible childhood and then be one of the richest people.
What is your favourite part about helping people and why you cancelled your show?
6.Pope John Paul II
 I want to talk to him because to see what its like to be the Pope and how he felt when he had to retire. Also what people thought or did to him.
What it was like to have bodyguards all the time?
7. Walt Disney
I want to talk to him because how did he think to make mickey mouse and all the characters also the idea of theme parks.
Are you going to make anymore parks?
8. Steve Jobs
I want to know what it was like to be very very rich and I could give him some of my ideas for a new product.
How did you come up with the name Apple?
9.Vincent van Gogh
I want to know how he thought of some of his ideas.
What it was like to live with bipolar disease?
10. Queen Elizabeth II
I want to talk to her because I want to know what it is like to be the queen and because she has been the queen for about 50 years.
If you weren’t the queen what career would you have?

Challenge one

Real Mermiads Dont Hold Their Breath Report

For a assignment we had to read a book then do a plot chart , art, monologue and a report. The book I read was Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath by Helene Boudreau. It is about a mermaid trying to find her mom lost in the ocean. For my art I made a mermaid out of clay and put it in a fish tank with two goldfish (their names are Franky Joe and Sir. Swimmy.) My report isn’t that long so I hope you read it and put up some comments. Thanks for visiting.

                                                           Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath

                                                                                                    Morgan Dekker

The book I read was Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath. This book is a super exciting fiction with lots of action and conflict by Helene Boudreau. The book is interesting because it is about a girl named Jade who is half mermaid and is trying to find her mother lost in the ocean trying to become human again. While doing so Jade is trying to deal with her love life with Luke. Are they friends? Are they more than friends? That’s what Jade is trying to figure out, and this is all happening in only 231 pages. I chose to read this book because the summary of Jade trying to find her mom who was a mermaid caught my interest. Also there is some romance with Luke and I like romance, so romance and action is a good combination to read. After reading this book, I thought it was really great because there is an even mix of romance and action. So there isn’t a lot of romance in a row and there is always something about her mom getting in her way and causes problems. So the book has a bunch of cliff hangers with great twists all throughout the book.

        The book was set during the summer in Port Toulouse. The places within Port Toulouse were Bridget’s ice cream parlor, where Jade and her best friend Cori works, Jade’s house, in the ocean, on the beach and on/in Talisman lake .The main characters of the book are Jade, Luke, Cori and Serena. Jade, is a fourteen year old girl who has a job at Bridget’s ice cream parlor and she is trying to find her mom, she also is half mermaid. Luke is fourteen. An important piece of information about Luke is that he kissed Jade at summer camp and is trying to figure things out. When he goes underwater he turns into a mermaid and needs to go through a tidal pool to become human again.  His mom is in the hospital because she is sick and he is helping Jade find her mom. Cori is fourteen years old and is Jade’s best friend. She works at Bridget’s ice cream parlor with Jade and is dating Trey, Luke’s brother. She is also helping Jade find her mom. The last main character is Serena, who is a mermaid and needs Jade’s help to become human again and live safely. Two minor characters are Jade’s Dad Dalrymple and his friend Eddie. They both are engineers and are trying to make a tidal pool out of a hot tub to save Jade’s mom.
This book starts off with Luke kissing Jade at summer camp and then it seems like he ignores Jade for a while.  Jade is hurt so when she sees him at the ice cream parlor she starts yelling at him only to find out it was because his mom was in the hospital. Jade thought that he would ever talk to her again. However, things calmed down and they go for a walk on the beach. On their walk they see Luke’s mer friend Reese. After talking to them for a little while he thinks his uncle may know something about Jade’s mom. So Jade goes underwater with Reese to find his uncle. They see him and he knows how to get to the tidal pool so he leads them to it, but they aren’t supposed to be there so they are hiding. Reese goes out and asks Renata (who is selling food where they are hiding) for help on how to get in but they get caught and get arrested. When Jade swims away to get out of trouble her best friend Cori, sees her as a mermaid.

Since going underwater didn’t work Jade, Luke Cori and Trey (Luke’s brother/ Cori’s boyfriend) go to where the tidal pool is supposed to be on land but find it farther over where mall construction is going on. They realized that if they don’t stop the construction, Jade’s mom and all mermaids will have no way to turn human again. One of the first things that Jade and her friends from the ice cream parlor decide to do is make a Facebook page because there are also monarch butterflies that are endangered that also live in the same area as the tidal pool. Next, they have a rally to stop the construction called Butterflies vs. Boutiques. At first there were only a couple of people, but many people end up coming. It turned out that the construction company had environmental rights to build there so, they needed to find a new way to save Jade’s mom. So that night Jade, Luke and Jade’s Dad went to the tidal pool in the dark to save her Mom. Luke kept lookout but disappeared so Jade’s Dad went to go look for him. While they were gone Jade saw her Mom and friend Serena sitting against a tree. Jade’s Dad came back without being able to find Luke. They ended up having to leave without him and drive home because it was getting too late.

The next day, Trey, Jade, Cori and Serena went out on their boat to try to find Luke. They saw Reese who knew where Luke was so Jade and Serna went with him underwater to find Luke. They found him captured because while he was on look out the other mermaids found him and thought he was a mermaid hunter. So Luke was in the courtroom and Jade and Serena tried to stand up for him. They all got arrested but managed to escape. Serena’s parents don’t want her to leave the mermaids again so they chased them while they swam away but they got on the boat and her parents couldn’t keep up. They made it back on land and safe but Luke is a type of mermaid that needs to go through a tidal pool to become human again. Therefore Jade’s Dad and friend Eddie managed to make a tidal pool out of a hot tub to use as a substitute.

The construction company had a party to make an announcement that they were moving the construction over and making a park around the water. As it turns out, Jade and Luke discovered the fake environmental assessment and that they were lying and they weren’t going to move the construction and announced it at the party. The town’s people got angry and forced them to stop construction. In the end, Jade and Luke started dating.

In Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath the characters did feel real because while reading I could picture them in my head. Though they could have described what they looked like a little more such as hair colour or height (if they were tall or short) especially the mermaids. You could tell the setting quite well because most was in the ocean so they didn’t need to describe that much. I do think they could have described what they saw more. Also they needed to portray the other settings more such as Jade’s house or, the ice cream parlor because those you had only a little information and had to make up in your head. They definitely needed to represent the culvert and where the tidal pool is a lot more I didn’t understand that at all.

The storyline was good and easy to follow because there weren’t too many things going on so it wasn’t jumping back and forth. Since the culvert wasn’t described well and I didn’t understand what it was and they were there a lot so it was hard to tell where or what they were talking about. Now that I looked it up and know what the culvert is, it only makes the story a little easier to understand. That was the only problem so I did like the storyline. I also liked it because it was interesting and very intriguing with all the action.

My favourite part of Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath was the rally. That is my favourite part because it makes you feel nice because everyone is working together to save the butterflies. As well it represents real life because even though they had the people and motive, they didn’t win because of the company had the environmental assessment. I also liked this part because it showed that you should never give up. If Jade had given up when there was only a few people there, she would not have had the chance to see everyone else to show up. My favourite character is Reese. He is my favourite character because even though he knew that they should not be at the tidal pool he went anyways in order to help. Even though he got arrested the first time he tried to help Jade, he didn’t give up and helped her again to find Luke. This makes him a good character because it shows that it doesn’t matter what happens he will do anything for a friend no matter the outcome.

I found this book interesting to read due to all of the things that were going on and because the characters were all different in good ways. This is also a good book because the story wasn’t a typical story because it was about mermaids and not just another book with a romance and a little action. I would recommend this book to people around ten and over because it was interesting and it didn’t have too many hard words. I would not recommend it to young children because it’s a pretty long book with 231pages, so they might not have the attention span and not remember the really important parts such as why does Jade’s Mom needs to go through a tidal pool but Jade doesn’t have to. A younger reader might also have trouble because sometimes they don’t describe things that much and it can be confusing. As an older reader, the book kept my interest; I read it in my free time and was able to finish it five days. Different characters, and an interesting story that’s easy to read, means a really good book to me.

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