Challenge 9 – Survival

One day a couple, Bob and Marley were driving to visit their kids in Las Vegas. When something took a turn for worst. They were almost there and Marley was telling Bob to go one way but  Bob thought  he had to go the other turn. Of course Bob was driving so they took his way. Apparently, Marley was right, because they started to drive and they found them selves in the middle of the desert. Another thing that was really bad, their car was out of gas so now they were in the middle of no where with no way to get out. So they looked throught their car to see if they had any thing to eat. Marly found a little bag of candy and declared ” We have enough to eat 1 candy a day untill we get out of here.” . After a week Marley and Bob thought that they were hopeless and that no one was going to find them. One day they saw a small jet plane fly over them and they tried to get its attention but they didn’t. Then they saw some people driving by but they noticed they were going the wrong way and turned around before Bob and Marley could catch them. Finally they were on their last candy and that with one candy a day they were starving. The nights were so cold and the days were so hot. One day  they found a small pond near by but, they had all most drank it dry. The way it was going, by tomorrow they were going to die. That day, a hunter saw them (but they didn’t see him).  He immediately he called the police before he got too close, because he didn’t know if they were dangerous. Luckily for them, with no knowledge of the police coming, they came and saved them just on time because they were out of food and were expected at work the next day.

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Challenge 9

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  1. Hi, my name is Adrienne. Your story was interesting. Did you write it yourself? Did this happen to someone you knew? One time I was watching a show and it was kind of like the story you wrote about. That would really stink if that happened to you. Well anyway you should come visit my blog at

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