Challenge 7

                There are many different types of science, but I cant decide which one I like best. I enjoy microscope work . I enjoy microscope because they let  you see what the normal eye can’t. If you want to learn more than what is in this post go to this website. If you want to learn how to use a microscope go to this website.

                 Another reason why I enjoy microscopes is, that you can learn by looking and you can also see things that you have never seen because they were so small. They are very interesting and I am really glad our school has many.

               When you look under a microscope things look so cool. For example have you ever thought about what a piece of hair looked like under a microscope? Or have you ever wondered what anything has looked like? Or if you have seen anything under a micrscope, tell me in a comment.





regular hair                                                                                   hair under a microscope


 image source under a micrcscope

 image source hair

Challenge 7

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