If you read my about page you know i am from Ontario Canada. I am going to talk about some great attractions here. But i am only going to write my favourite one NIAGARA FALLS.

        Niagara falls is my favourite because there is so mush to do there. My family and i usually go once a year and it is so much fun.

        One of my favourites is Great Wolf Lodge. Don’t know what that is, don’t worry I’m going to tell you. It is a hotel/ indoor water park. There is tons to do such as water slides, tube slides and there is a spa for kids and an arcade. It is tons of fun for parents and kids.

         There is of course t falls. The picture is token at night, at night they usually have colorful lights shinning on the water. During the evening and during the day  Niagara falls looks do pretty. There is a bunch of activities/ tours you can do there is, the maid of the mist which is a boat ride that starts on the American side and goes all the way to Horseshoe falls. A whirlpool jet boat ride which is a boat ride that takes to the whirlpools. And there is souvenir shops also.

               There is Marineland which is a  park with a bunch of water animals. Some of the animals that are there are killer whales who do tricks and highly trained dolphins that can do tricks. There is an  aquarium with dolphins, seals and sea lions that put on a show. You can see Beluga whales up close. You can go on rides like the sky screamer,Tivoli Wheel and the Dragon Mountain roller coaster. And also there is some farm like animals that include deer and others.

           Another thing to do at night there is a bunch of shops and games to do near the falls. There is a fun house, haunted house, a Lego store with a bunch of sculptures, wax museum, Ripleys belive it or not theater and a lot more. Stores to get food and souvenirs. And there is a big park if you like nature anad bird watching during the day.

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    • That sounds like so much fun! The way you described the Great Wolf Lodge made me want to go there, too! We have waterparks in California, but barely any of them are indoor ones.

  2. I would love to go to Canada someday, but money is just sohard to come by, oh sorry, where are my manners I’m Stephen, I’m from the U.S and I like learning about other countries.
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  3. Hi, it Kristin again. I think Niagara falls would be a great place to visit. I would love to go there. I have been to New York, but I have never been to Niagara falls. Did you see that guy tight rope over Niagara falls? That was so scary. Theres a few Great Wolf Lodge’s where I live. My cousin has been there once and said it was really fun, but I haven’t beent here yet.
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