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The widgets I have added where, links to the people in my classes blogs, the game Pegs, a flag counter, a calendar, the badge and a translator.

               I added links to people in my classes blogs because, so the people who visit my blog can visit their blogs too. So they can have more people visit their blogs. I also added them because it was the first widget  I learned to do and I started with only my friends and then I thought it was unfair to the others in my class, so I added theirs also.

              I got the the game pegs from this website. I got it because my friend had a really cool fish one. So i wanted one but i wanted a different one so i got Pegs it is really fun. To play you pick one spot to be left blank then you try to jump the red ones until there is none left.

             I got a flag counter from click here. I got the flag counter because my teacher showed us how to get one. I thought they were a really cool idea so i wanted to get right away. The thing i like about it is that you can see how many people come to your blog and to know that is awesome.

            I got a calender from the widgets section. I got it because i thought i needed more and so i know when i posted thigs, so i don’t have go thought all of them.

           One reason i got the badge is because it was part of the challenge. Another is because it looks really cool and i want people who come visit my  blog to know i am part of the challenge. The third reason was because a lot later on when i want to check out my blog i can remember when i got it.

           The last widget i have is a translator. I got i translator because i would make visitors from other countrys to be able to read my blog. I got it from looking at other peoples blogs and got the code. I had a diffrent one but it was to big so i saw his one and got it.

Challenge 3

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