Challenge One

My Favourite sport is volleyball. I was on the town’s travel volleyball team. Skills needed to play the game is focus and moving. You need focus so you always know where the ball is at all times. Also you need to need to move so you can get the ball. Once you learn how to play volleyball it is a very easy thing to play. Also My friend Natalie is also on my volleyball team. I am so excited because the school volleyball tryouts are tommorow and the towns tryouts are next weekend.

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 Challenge One


6 thoughts on “Challenge One

    • That is so cool you are into volleyball! I always thought volleyball was a hard sport to play, but I guess I’ll have to work hard to try to learn it.

  1. Hi! I’m Brianna and I live in the USA. The state I live in is Pennsylvania. I really like your blog post about volleyball because I like playing it is really fun. Do you enjoy playing the sport? I enjoy it. Anyway, come check out my blog Thanks!

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