Exams and the end of the year

ExamTo give us experience in grade seven and eight we have exams. Last year in grade seven I had a math, language and religion exam. This year in grade eight I had a math and language exam. This Tuesday June,11 we had our language exam and today June,13 we had our math exam.  In a comment put if you do exams and if so how do you think you did.




Since I’m in grade eight we graduate June.21 a week before every one else gets out of school. For our grad we go to the church and have mass then we do awards and diplomas. When that’s finished only the teachers and grade eights go to a restaurant to eat and hang out. After some of the students have a grade party. In a comment tell me your grade and what you do after school and when you are done.





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Diary of Anne Frank

We are reading books in groups. I have made a page with a summary of the book and more information about our project (Anne Frank page. )anne frank

1. Summarize the main events in your group’s novel.

2. Who are the round and flat characters in your novel? How has the author introduced you to the important characters in your novel? Provide an example of how the author used one (or more) of the above ways to introduce one of the main characters in your novel.

Round Characters: Characters we get to know well. Round characters have a variety of traits that make them believable.

Flat Characters: Important to the action, but not fully developed. Their function might be to show how the central character behaves or relates to others. Flat characters help make the setting believable. There are varying degrees of flat characters. For some, we will just hear their names. Others we will learn a bit more about.

3. Choose an event in the story that you feel is important and that demonstrated cooperation or working together to overcome a challenge or obstacle.

4. Predict what you think is going to happen next in your novel.

5. Read and respond to at least 2 other students’ blog posts about their novel. One of the posts should be from the same novel you are reading.


1. There are many main events in the book The Diary of  a Young Girl. The first one would be would be, they moved into the “Secret Annexe” because they are Jewish and hiding from the Germans. Next would be, that while they are in the house they had to stay quiet because there were people working down stairs in the factory so, they didn’t want them to hear them. A thing that happened a lot was that they had many quarrel’s which means fights. The longer they were together they more they fought with each other. There were many burglaries, around three that happened downstairs in the factory. That was hard and scary for them because if they went up stairs they could find there hideout and they could get killed. Something that was happening to just about everyone was food shortage. This was a problem because the food prices were going up so they got less from the same amount. When Anne started to hang out and like Peter.


2. The round characters for this book since it is real would be the ones that are mentioned most. So the round Characters would be Anne because since it is her diary she talks about what happened to her and she sometimes wrote in the third person. Next would be her mom because she talks about how much more she wants in a mom and how she doesn’t love her, so she is mentioned a lot. Mrs. Vann Dan is wrote about a lot because she complains an fights with other house members. The last one would be peter he wasn’t mentioned much in the beginning but now that their spending time together she writes about him more.

The flat characters would be the people who aren’t mentioned a lot. Again since all the characters are real the flat characters would be the ones she writes about the least. Firstly would be the people who help get them supplies, Meip, Ellie, Mr. Koopious (Mr. K) and Kraler since they only helped them not live there they weren’t there and didn’t do too much to be mentioned, Anne talked about a little though. Next would be her sister Margot because they weren’t that close so not much happened between her and Anne. Mr. Dussel wasn’t that important because he wasn’t there right from the beginning and he was quiet so he didn’t really do anything worth Anne putting in her diary. Mr. Vann Dan was only mentioned two or three times so he clearly didn’t do much. Now a person that could be either a flat or round character would be Otto Frank (Pim) her dad. He could be both because she was really close to him and wrote about him a lot but not too much and not as much as others.


3. The event that involved cooperation was the first burglary. This needed cooperation because all the men had to go down stairs to see if the robbers have left the building if they saw that they were in hiding or stole anything. Not only one person could go check because it there was still people there then they could get hurt and no one there to witness it. I think while this was happening Anne was scared even though she didn’t have to go down stairs because someone she liked or loved could die or even she could die. They boys that had to go down stairs were Pim, Peter and Mr. Vann Dan. While Anne, Margot, Mrs. Vann Dan and her mom waited upstairs in the “Secret Annexe.” If I was Anne or one of the girls I would be scared not only for me but the boys downstairs. I would be scared because someone downstairs could get killed or someone could have seen them come down and went upstairs and kill one or all of the girls. If I was one of the men downstairs I would be super scared. I would be nervous that someone walking by on the street could see me and call the police and I could get arrested or they could find the hideout. Also someone could be behind me and since it was dark I couldn’t see them and then they kill me or my father (Peter is a Vann Dan.)

4. I have heard about the story of Anne Frank before reading the book so I already know the ending which means I cant predict that. Since some of you might have not heard of it I’m not going to write the ending. I think since Anne and Peter are spending a lot of  time together that their relationship will become more than just friends maybe hey will start dating. I think that they will get married because one of my group members Julia, noticed on the picture on the cover she is wearing a ring which is the picture above. I think that after awhile the food price will go up too much and they will only be able to have one meal a day. Also I think her and her moms relationship will get better and they will love each other again.


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Challenge 9

When I did Count Out Three I ended on this blog then clicked on this blog from the blog roll.

I visited Mrs. Norton‘s class blog and I watched the cardboard challenge I highly recommend that you go watch it as well. I also say the post about the skydiver


My favourite posts that I wrote in the March challenges so far would be  Challenge 4 because I liked making a story to a picture. Challenge 5 was fun because I liked using Bitstrips to make a comic. Lastly I liked doing Challenge 3 because I liked knowing and looking up ways to use a sock with a hole and, I may do some of the suggestions.

Challenge 9

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Challenge 8

10 places I want to visit are:

1. Paris. I wont to go to Paris because of the things to see like the Eiffel Tower and because people say it is very romantic. I would wont to go for a honeymoon

2.Mexico. I wont to go because in grade 5 we had to do a presentation about an ancient civilization and I choose to do Maya so I would love to go. Also because of the great weather.

3. Greece. Greece would be nice because my parents went on an anniversary cruise to the Mediterranean without me 🙁 and they said it was really beautiful.

4.Philippines. I have a friend Julia (Julia’s blog) from the Philippines and she said it was really nice. I would want to go with her so she could show me all the things from her childhood.

5. Ireland. I also have a friend Kristen who is from Ireland and she went during March break and said it was really nice.

6. China. I wont to see the cool buildings and the great wall of china and eat with chopsticks. My dad went said a lot of the views were amazing.

7. Egypt. I wont to see the pyramids and all the hieroglyphics. My dad has gone also and said it put him in auh from the look of the pyramid’s.

8. Arizonian. I wont to see the Grand Canyon. We might have gone when my family went to Las Vegas during the March break but we didn’t have enough time.

9. Brazil. I wont to see the Amazon rainforest and see the Cristo Redentor which is the Jesus statue in Rio.

10.Antarctic. I would like to see the glaciers (which I’m learning about in science) and to see penguins.


In a comment name some places you want to visit.

Challenge 8

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Challenge 6

I played the game and I got 53/100. I thought what Kim was doing to Joe was really mean also if I was Joe I would be very upset and would want to tell someone. If I was the creator of the game I would show when you did that online test what questions were wrong so you could learn more about digital safety. I thought the game was fun and some was very educational.

Challenge 6

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My Recommendations

I wanted to make a post about something so I am making a post about things that I like and you could too.

Book: In A Heartbeat by: Loretta Ellsworth

Movie: Pitch Perfect (it is rated pg13 and does have some inappropriate words)

Song: Wings By: Little mix

Show: Glee

Electric appliance: IPhone 5/ IPod 5

Word: Peepellows and legit

Store: Aeropostale






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Challenge 4

My passion is volleyball I have made a post about what skills are needed in volleyball in the last season of challenges on September17,2012 so you can look at that. So for challenge 3 I am making a story to a picture like my other post Challenge 9- survival wrote on November 15, 2012 you can read that too.

This March Break my family and I went to Las Vegas so that is how I got my idea for this picture. Write a comment about what you did for March Break.

This storry starts off with a criminal in Las Vegas who just stole from the bank. The police are after him so he goes and hids in the casino because there are hundreds of people there. The police are right behind him so he hids in the game betting section ducked in a chair. The police dont see him so they keep running. He noticed that they passed and runs to the pocker station. Hen starts playing and the police walks right by him again. Just before he ran awway he finished his hand and had won ten thousand dollars. Then he saw the police comming his way so he runs to the slots, they see him running and tell him “STOP, STOP.” But he keeps running and hids in front of the penny slots and pulls once and wins $300 but the poilce saw all teh people congradulating him on his win so they walk over but the guy slips away before they see him. So the has spent his whole night running away and now most people have lft and the resturants are closed so he cant hid in them . Just as he was turning the corner he saw the police and runs the other way but the police see him and strts chasing him. Then he ran out of the casino and …

( in a comment right me your own ending)

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 Challenge 4

Challenge 2

Canada does have something like Clean Up Australia Day it is called Earth Day and it is on April 22nd. I do participate in it every year because my school splits up the yard and every class gets gloves and garbage bags and cleans up the yard.

Some Facts about Earth Day are:

 Earth Day Networks estimates that 500 million people from 4,500 organizations in 180 countries will participate in Earth Day events during the month of April

Nelson announced the Earth Day concept at a conference in Seattle in the fall of 1969 and invited the entire nation to get involved

As part of the celebration, some communities make Earth Day a “Car-Free Day (Not mine)

Earth Day is big with schools. On many school calendars, it is the third most activity-inspiring holiday, after Christmas and Halloween

The population of the world will grow by 211,000 people. The entire population of 3 Akron, Ohio’s will be added every day

800 million people will go to bed hungry and awake too weak to lead productive lives

I care about the environment a lot. I recycle a lot just ask my friends Natalie (Natalie’s blog) and Julia (Julia’s blog.)

Since I go to a Catholic school we do a charitable job during lent (if you don’t know what lent is click here.) Two years ago my school raised money to build a house in Rwanda. This year we are raising money to build wells in developing countries. We found a charity where one well costs $600 and we have $1800 which is 2 wells and a bit. I am so happy for the progress of my school and I love participating in Earth Day. I encourage you too to take part and help clean your community.


Challenge 2

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